Your Virtual Receptionist will work with and support the onsite team of your practice so they can focus on the face-to-face interaction with the Doctors & Patients.

We are lucky to have in our executive team in Sydney some very skilful staff that have worked in various positions in our Healthcare system either being with GP’s, Specialists or Allied Health Practitioners and more recently Integrative Heath Professionals.  More interestingly, the idea of outsourcing some of the everyday tasks of the Practices we serviced came since we also used remote virtual staff to complement our workplaces and deliver an efficient and smooth operation.  We learned from our own experience that virtual remote staff can take on everyday tasks, easing the burden on onsite staff and enabling them and the Doctors to focus on the highest quality care for their patients.

When initially speaking to our team many practices enquire about the phone answering service and appointment confirmations.  This is a straightforward task that can be done by virtual staff and has been used by many other industries for years and has accelerated since COVID-19 came into our life.

Once the phones are handled, we then start looking at other communication methods between the practice and patients e.g., Online Booking Portals, Emails, SMSs and the Faxes that come into the practice just to name a few of the things we manage for customers, during this fast-changing technological environment we have seen since 2019.  By allowing our team at Central Offshoring to take over most of the online communication, the onsite staff of your practice can then focus on managing the face-to-face interactions with your patients and transform your waiting room into a calm, quiet and relaxed area for all.

During our 50+ years of combined experience managing HealthCare Professionals all around Australia, we have had the opportunity to explore other areas of the day to day running of a Medical Practice that could be outsourced and managed by offsite staff.  Processing referrals for Specialists soon became another task we could accomplish out of the practice; from contacting the patient, collating all the relevant information prior to the consult, and then booking subsequent consultations, organizing pathology, or liaising with the hospital for theatre slots and bookings as required.

We are very passionate about creating an outstanding patient – doctor experience and have a deep understanding of the requirements of not only Doctors and Patients but also the onsite reception staff.  During peak times in your busy practice the telephone is ringing in the background while patients are walking in and out of the Doctors consultation rooms that require your attention, and the admin tasks are piling up.  That is when you will value the support of Central Offshoring the most. We have extensive experience in most Practice Management Systems used in Australia and with your support your virtual secretary will be able to manage any follow up tasks that the Doctor assigns, ensure pathology and radiology results and test are received and send scripts out to pharmacies and patients as required.

Virtual Medical Receptionist

We know how important time is for everyone, let alone Doctors and Patients.  Our team will allow you to focus on your patients and not the admin tasks of your practice, understanding the urgency for an appointment for some

patients and allowing for flexibility where possible, so there is no empty appointment slot thus ensuring your patient is receiving exceptional care. This is something we know very well and ensure we adhere to.

We also appreciate the personalised approach each Doctor and Practice may want to offer, and our staff will be both skilled and adaptable so the patient can also build a good relationship with your offsite staff.  That is the main reason we do not share reception staff between practices; at Central Offshoring we recommend dedicated staff 40 hours per week for a flat rate, as we have found that when a patient speaks to the same person each time they call in, they start building a more personable experience that aids in the patient care provided by the practice.  We can offer shorter cover dependent on your particular practice needs but the same staff members are always preferable to guarantee patient satisfaction. Furthermore, with the increase of sick leave from staff and the current requirements for employees working in the healthcare industry since COVID 19 we are able to provide uninterrupted cover and support at demanding times.

There are many reasons why your Medical Practice can also benefit using Virtual Remote Staff and we are certain we can help your practice achieve this by using talented and reliable staff at a fraction of the cost in Australia and without having to deal with the HR or IT issues and of course the ‘real estate’ space in your practice.

Contact us today to book a time to speak with one of Accounts Managers to discuss the options and solutions available for your business.