What Else Should I Know And What Are The Costs?

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The cost will depend on the skillset required although savings are not just on your payroll but in many other aspects of your everyday business.  For everything else our experienced team can assist with offering innovative solutions to help you receive the best return on your resourcing investment. One of the most common trends we […]

Can a Virtual Receptionist Support The Onsite Staff Of My Medical Practice?

Virtual Medical Receptionist

Your Virtual Receptionist will work with and support the onsite team of your practice so they can focus on the face-to-face interaction with the Doctors & Patients. We are lucky to have in our executive team in Sydney some very skilful staff that have worked in various positions in our Healthcare system either being with […]

Offshoring or Outsourcing Ensuring Success

Experienced virtual provider

“How do I ensure the best results using my offshore, outsourced staff and alleviate the perceived threat to my existing onshore team? “ We can help to build your offshore staff member or members to become an effective and vital part of your business. It is however, very important when considering or engaging offshore staff that […]

What Tasks Can Virtual Staff Do For My Business And How Does It Work?

Corporate meetings in the office

That is the most common question we get from customers; so, we have put together some tips sourced from the 50+ years of experience our team can offer.  At Central Offshoring we have found that companies are hiring Virtual Assistants for their business for many different reasons.  In some industries we find that it is […]