“How do I ensure the best results using my offshore, outsourced staff and alleviate the perceived threat to my existing onshore team? “

We can help to build your offshore staff member or members to become an effective and vital part of your business. It is however, very important when considering or engaging offshore staff that cohesion with your existing essential staff, who work in your local premises, do not feel threatened or fear that their positions are vulnerable.

In our experience by working alongside many businesses year after year, we have seen many success stories but also some not so successful. The reason for this boils down to the need for teamwork with the need to work together to communicate and understand one another working for the common good of the business. The fundamentals need to be in place right from the start.

Regular meeting together and team building is important especially in this changing post covid environment. It is important that team members feel supported and feel integral to the team.  Therefore, regular contact and feedback is essential.

Experienced virtual provider
Experienced Virtual Provider

As your onsite staff may not have worked with someone offshore previously, it is not uncommon for them to feel unsure or insecure. Make certain that prior to hiring offshore staff that you clearly communicate to your onshore team why you are taking on staff from offshore and how it is meant to support them and not replace them. Reliable and efficient staff should have nothing to fear, and you are simply looking for ways to support them. Offshoring provides a great way to support your existing team as well as being much more cost effective.

Regular meeting, training and interaction goes a long way in cementing your team and building rapport and sound working relationships with their fellow staff onshore and offshore. We know this from experience.

In this age of emails, SMS, Facebook, messaging software etc we cannot stress the importance of short personal interaction to avoid any confusion that can occur. While it is convenient these days to fire off a quick email or SMS, this can cause problems. Written messages and emails can be misread and misinterpreted.

Educate and Communicate

Do not make the mistake of making your staff feel that they are left out of the day-to-day communication. A quick 5-10 mins daily will achieve great results resulting in increased productivity. Your team will be empowered and motivated to achieve the goals you have set.

Covid has highlighted the great benefits of video conferencing with platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams allowing a virtual meeting to enhance the interaction between staff. The opportunity to express ourselves and communicate with each other by seeing our teammates as well as hearing them creates friendly togetherness essential in a good team.

The now more traditional methods of Email and message platforms are still an essential part of day to day communication but are more a tool to reinforce what was conveyed in a video conference.

Remember your offshore staff belong to you. Our job is to help support them and you to effectively assist your business on a day-to-day basis to grow in excellence.

Be sure to reinforce to all your staff that they are all an integral part of the team. They are all in this together, working to make the daily tasks more efficient and providing superior service to your clients.

We are Here to help
Central Offshoring will always be on hand to assist you to grow your business, enhance your team’s efficiency. Making your offshore staff welcome, included, and needed, is crucial to gaining the right outcome and achieving superior results.

Contact us today. Make use of our expertise and access to the right people to help you find the offshore staff you need to advance your business.