The cost will depend on the skillset required although savings are not just on your payroll but in many other aspects of your everyday business.  For everything else our experienced team can assist with offering innovative solutions to help you receive the best return on your resourcing investment.

One of the most common trends we are seeing in the market today that started with Medical Companies and then moved on to Finance, Retail and lately Real Estate Agencies together with the traditional IT and Call Centre organizations is the movement to low cost with boosted skillsets options that the offshore market of the Philippines can offer.  The Economic downturn in these industries in conjunction with the lack of capable resources available in the employment marketplace of Australia, has forced these businesses to re-evaluate their costs. Whilst also trying to gain access to skilful virtual staff to undertake the new tasks that have been created in the fast-changing technological market.

At Central Offshoring we are dedicated to helping out start-ups, small and medium business owners to utilize a virtual assistant so you  can achieve the growth you want for your business whilst allowing you to have a balanced work-life by managing the everyday tedious tasks.

We simplify the recruitment process and all you need to do is provide us with the skillset requirements and we will find candidates in the Philippines based on your company needs and provide you with a shortlist that you can interview over Zoom, Teams, or Skype, once our team has accesses them for you prior.  After the successful candidate is appointed, you do not need to worry about Superannuation, Payroll Tax, and Insurance fees, HR, and compliance with Australian or Philippines labour and tax laws as all of this will be managed by us throughout the duration of the appointment.  This is where your savings start! You don’t have to recruit and spend the time and money with unknown results.  We will take care this for you so you can continue working on your business.

Whilst we work on the recruitment of qualified candidates, our Team Leader will be spending some time with your key staff and will write up a comprehensive manual.  We find from our experience this is one of the most important points of this process as not only it sets the expectations, but it also provides businesses a useful tool that most do not have and end up using for years to come not only for virtual staff but also during the onboarding of staff onsite.   This useful documentation provides a further financial benefit to the business as it can offer more efficient training and a better understanding on the day-to-day business needs and the volume of work involved.

All the virtual assistants offered by Central Offshoring are full time employees and have admin and IT support throughout the day whilst our Team Leaders will audit their work and provide continuous support and guidance once you advise us of any areas of improvement you would like us to focus on in order to meet deadlines of any short or long term project.  You don’t need to worry about the purchase of any equipment for your remote staff nor you must budget for monthly/annual subscription fees for the basic software on these devices and most importantly our IT Team will ensure the devices are always, updated, virus scanned and working at their best capacity to increase the productivity of your virtual assistant.

For businesses that have recently downsized during the COVID pandemic ‘real estate’ is also another issue; with an online virtual assistant, you do not need space for another desk, space in the lunchroom and parking for new staff, so you can utilize the onsite areas for the comfort of your customers and existing staff whilst having more space for any stock and equipment you may need for your business.

In the multicultural environment we live in Australia and with a further migration drive due in the coming months and years, it is always hard to manage challenges raised by cultural barriers, technological advancement, and fast changing customer demands.  This results in businesses lacking to achieve all these requirements.  By employing one person onsite in Australia whilst using an offshore outsourcing service provider, you can afford two staff for a similar amount that one employee would cost you and acquire more of the skills you need for your business.

Roles such as lead generation and management, customer service support, calendar management, research and data entry, bookkeeping, medical virtual reception, or executive assistants to name a few can be fulfilled by our team regardless of the size of your business.  You will receive a monthly invoice that covers everything at a cost, depending on the skillset required, of less than the minimum wage (1) in Australia!

Outsourcing a short- or long-term role or project is a decision each business needs to evaluate carefully and based on the business life cycle you are in determine what are both the micro and macro goals that need to be accomplished to add this extra benefit at a competitive cost to your business structure.  The ultimate goal should not be a short-term financial benefit but more of a commitment to take advantage of this hybrid employment environment that will lead to cost savings short term that will grow exponentially long term but also a competitive advantage in your industry.   There is no one-size-fits-all approach for all businesses.  Book an appointment slot in our Calendar and our executives can work with you to identify and evaluate the needs and help you over time explore new opportunities to take this service from a cost saving and lack of resourcing exercise to a money making experience.