Depending on the needs of your business we will present to you candidates that you can interview and select the best one to compliment your business.

Identifying the needs of your business is a priority for our team and we will ensure we help you do that not only during the initial setup process but also throughout the duration of the engagement.  We will then set realistic expectations and work with you to find the best candidate to help your onsite staff in the day to day running of your business.  

Whilst we are looking for candidates that match the skills required through our databases, current employee referral, recruitment agencies and the likes; our onboarding team will be working with you to write up a step-by-step manual that will be used for training the successful candidate.  Once we have a pool of candidates, they will be interviewed by both our local Filipino team leaders and our accounts manager in Sydney, they will then go through several online practical and behavioural assessments, and we will present to you a handful of candidates for you and your team to speak with and choose the best fit.  By following this rigorous process at Central Offshoring, it provides us with the certainty that the time we spend to train the candidate to work for you will be well worth it and your onsite team will be able to build a good working relationship with their offshore ‘colleagues’. 

Central offshoring candidates shortlisting

Our staff are located in Makati City, within a 5-minute walk from the Australian embassy, in the Metro Manila region and we have Australian expat executives onsite who are available to assist if required whilst providing advice and hints in relation to Australian news, trends and idiosyncrasies to help bridge any possible cultural gap.  The Philippines has had Western influence over the last 100 years or more with hundreds of Western companies using the skills and resources available in the country. This means that Filipinos relate well to people living in Australia, America or the UK and with high education standards and English one of the two official languages it makes it the perfect source for capable candidates that can assist any business. Filipinos are hardworking and remain loyal to the business they work for and are looking for long term employment; Central Offshoring ensures our staff employed are given the best opportunities for further development in their career but also assist them achieve their life goals through job stability and rewards to enjoy with their families.   

We can also organise for the virtual staff you select to come out to Australia to be trained alongside your onsite team at your offices and get to know better the team and the culture of your business.  We will assist with the VISA requirements, accommodation, and everything else to ensure the stay will be beneficial for your business but also safe and comfortable for the employee. Similarly, if you wish to visit our staff in Makati, we will assist you with travel and in finding accommodation in the Philippines so that you have a pleasant experience and are able to accomplish the desired results.  

In summary you will be the one that will have the chance to choose the candidate with the best qualities for your business, whilst Central Offshoring will do all the recruitment for you and manage all the HR needs and ensure your virtual staff delivers our company high customer service standards that makes us a leading offshore virtual provider.  

Contact us today to book a time to speak with one of Accounts Managers to discuss the options and solutions available for your business.