That is the most common question we get from customers; so, we have put together some tips sourced from the 50+ years of experience our team can offer. 

At Central Offshoring we have found that companies are hiring Virtual Assistants for their business for many different reasons.  In some industries we find that it is simply a case that they cannot find any suitable resources locally, in others it is clearly a cost saving exercise where in other examples it is a case that since COVID came into our life; key stakeholders have realised how remote working is now feasible.  Workers can be located in an Australian capital city (e.g. Sydney or Melbourne) in their own home office or in a location outside of the country and with the technology available, accessing the information needed has become an easy task.

Traditionally, virtual receptionists would answer telephone calls and make a booking into the relevant system used by the business such as a restaurant taking bookings, medical centre or Drs clinic booking in patients or an accounting firm booking clients.  Similarly Email/SMS and Fax correspondence has been handled by virtual staff for years.  Once again, this can easily be done using the technology which is now available.  This relieves your onsite staff to focus on the face-to-face interaction with your customers.

Corporate meetings in the office
Corporate meeting @ Central Offshoring

Nowadays, we are finding that businesses are using remote staff for a lot more tasks providing both the cost saving and also the efficiency required in today’s online world.  One of the common requests we receive at Central Offshoring is businesses wanting to extend their trading hours.  This is a costly exercise in Australia due to overtime rates, but it is becoming a necessity as more and more people ‘do their shopping’ online and a remote solution can offer that flexibility at a fraction of the cost.  Furthermore, booking flights or accommodation, events, sending out literature to perspective clients, making bookings for private hospitals for Specialists are only a few other tasks that our staff undertake for our clients.  One of the most amusing requests our staff have had from their direct manager was to wait on a call with one of the big Telcos in Australia, so they don’t have to waste their time holding the line and transfer the call to them when the agent is ready to speak to them!

At Central Offshoring we collate the exact requirements of your business and document step by step how each task should be handled.  We find that during this process and with the support of our experienced staff who have done this for many businesses in various industries.  We are also able to provide advice on how tasks can be streamlined to offer more professional and efficient solutions.  Once the processes have been agreed, we will help train your remote staff that you have chosen, and we will continue to update a step-by-step guide as we undertake the work and find further areas of improvement, always of course after discussing these suggestions with you.

By following this process not only we have a step-by-step guide, but your business also has a manual that can be used for training onsite staff, and we are able to add more assistants for your business or cover any annual / sick leave by allocating another resource with ease.

The team at Central Offshoring can help you identify the tasks that your virtual assistant can undertake; this will be done by speaking to the relevant stakeholders of your business including the onsite staff and understanding the ‘mundane’ tasks that are time consuming and are not allowing your key people to focus on what is important for your business.  It makes great sense to use offshore talent to improve your business and introduce the ability and skills that would be both expensive and time consuming to achieve using local resources.

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