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About Central Offshoring

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Are you spending your day with admin tasks or answering telephone calls, which distract you from focusing on your core business? Have you considered Virtual Staff to help you out?

Central Offshoring can help you at a cost of less than the minimum wage with no extra hidden fees, by helping you employ reliable and competent staff to take the worry out of the day-to-day tasks you are struggling with. 

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“We are dedicated in providing an Exceptional Service based on our own Experience & wisdom” Central Offshoring

Our Commitment

Here at Central Offshoring, we are committed to providing our customers, clients and partners with highly experienced, efficient and effective staffing solutions to compliment their pre-existing team. 

No matter the size or complexity of your business, our affordable services are certain to not only offer you the help you need but also allow you to focus on the hands-on requirements of your role by outsourcing menial, time-consuming work to our reliable staff.

It can be difficult to find a company that can provide you with reliable and consistent service. We provide transparency and honesty when dealing with our clients and provide you with the right people for your offshore staffing needs.  Central Offshoring was formed by our team so that we could service our own office demands and because of the great need for a company to deliver what they promise and we do our best every day to follow our mission statement.

Our team of experienced professionals offer a variety of talent which includes a number of capacities that include but are not limited to general administrative support, accounting, information technology, general customer support and have specialised working with General Practices, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals Australia wide

We are not just a recruitment and employment service. We take time to understand your business and requirements. We will tailor a solution for your needs and collaborate with you to ensure that your offshore assistant is being utilized in the most efficient and effective way for you.

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We provide our customers with solutions that ease the day-to-day concerns and tasks that are involved in running a successful operation. We lessen the load, reduce stress, and ensure success. We are confident, diligent and realize that by supporting our clients to run and grow their business will result in satisfaction for them and contribute therefore to the success of Central Offshoring further establishing us as the ‘go to’ company for anyone looking for reliable staff.  We help you to keep on top in the busy, challenging, changing business environment and to guarantee continued success. We don’t make promises that cannot be achieved.

We can provide advice on how offshoring can help you enhance existing processes and procedures to achieve your goals and targets.

Simply book a free introductory meeting with a member of our team today, or simply contact us via the dedicated Contact us page, and we endeavour to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss your requirements.

How do we make it work

Three steps and you are ready to go!

Book an Introductory meeting with our team today. This will allow us to assess your requirements and tailor a solution for you.

Get introduced to exceptional talent. We recruit, shortlist and present the most suitable candidates for you to interview for your respective roles.

Choose the candidate of your choice, and our expert team will work with your onsite team to train your new virtual assistant.

Book a Free Discovery Meeting with our expert team today!

“Central Offshoring was formed by our team so that we could service our own office demands
and because of the great need for a company to deliver what they promise.”