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Central Offshoring specifically caters to your business. We have a very experienced and dynamic team who are capable of identifying your needs and providing a solution that will best work for you.  We will help you to achieve your goals with specific customized options for your requirements.

Central Offshoring is a fully owned and operated Australian business. We are based in Australia and have offices in the Philippines. All agreements and contracts are with Central Offshoring. You will have dedicated contacts and liaison people from both offices to guide you through the process and answer your questions, to ensure your needs and interests are looked after.  We are not just a service provider, we will become your partners in success. 

Our team will assist you at every step of the initial process providing assistance and advice and show you why offshoring not only makes great sense but will assist you to expand your business, satisfy your customers, improve your profit margin but open up possibilities with new skillsets introduced.

By making Central Offshoring your choice in supplying your staffing needs, you will be making a choice that will provide your business with the right staff to manage your everyday needs ASAP. We are a diverse & multi-cultural team providing the services a modern business in today’s online world Australia needs. We take away the laborious & time-consuming work of managing staff & let you focus on the important tasks for your business growth.

We do the heavy lifting – leaving you with reduced stress and more time to devote to other important aspects of your business.

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How does it work?

Read below more about the Service:

“What tasks can Virtual Staff take on for my business & how does it work?”

That is the most common question we get from customers so we have put together some tips sourced the 50+ years of experience our team can offer. 

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“What skills will the Offshore Secretary have & how will I select the right one?”

Depending on the needs of your business we will present to you candidates that you can interview and select the best one to work with you.

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“Can a Remote Receptionist support the onsite staff of my medical centre?”

Your Virtual Receptionist will work with and support the onsite team so they can focus on the face-to-face interactions with the Doctors and Patients.

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“Is there anything else I should know and what costs are involved?”

The cost will depend on the skillset required but savings are not just on your payroll but in many other aspects of your everyday business.

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Central Offshoring was formed by our team so that we could service our own office needs and because of the great need for a company to deliver what they promise.


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